King Charles ‘high spirits’ on Easter ‘refreshes’ public

King Charles seemed in high spirits as he walked alongside Queen Camilla for the Easter Sunday service.

The 75-year-old monarch, acted like ‘nothing is wrong’ as he met crowds amid his cancer treatment.

Speaking to Mirror, an onlooker named Henry Wood, admitted it was delightful to see the king.

He revealed: “It was a very nice Easter service, very enjoyable. It was nice to see the King in good spirits and the whole family in good spirits, as if nothing was wrong. Obviously it being his first appearance in quite some time, I think people wanted to see him for that reason. He looked good today and in high spirits, and from what I’ve heard he’s doing good so it’s refreshing to hear.”

Mr Wood added: “It was a proud moment, I think. It was the first time I’ve got to sing it in the room with the King.” 

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