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The number of corona positive patients in the district is continuously decreasing. A total of 6 positive cases were found in the district on Friday. 21 patients who were undergoing treatment have been discharged. Along with this, one patient has also died. Out of the total 6 cases that came in the district on Friday, 1 have come from Dhakoli, 1 Ghaduan, 2 Kharar and 2 from Mehali city.

Apart from this, there is no case in any part of the district. The Health Department and the administration have breathed a sigh of relief regarding this and have started preparations for the same if the shortcomings which were found during the second wave do not come in the third wave.

There are currently 135 active cases in the entire district. A total of 1 thousand 54 patients have died due to this disease. So far, a total of 68 thousand 359 patients were found positive. Out of which 67 thousand 170 patients have gone back to their homes after recovering from this disease.

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