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  • Shyam Circle Made Of Makrana Marble And Red Ruby Stone, Design Such That It Will Be Visible From Every Angle

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Photo: Ritesh Patel.

  • Launch: Beauty enhanced by colorful lights on the eve of Independence Day

Shree Shyam Seva Trust has prepared Shyam Circle in front of Shyam Mandir located on VIP Road. It was inaugurated on Saturday by Chauryasi MLA Jhankhnaben Patel. On this occasion the priests of the temple got the puja done. The construction of Shree Shyam Circle took two and a half to three months. The circle was constructed with Makrana marble and red ruby ​​(red stone).

Adorable statue of flute in circle and hands of Lord Shyam has been made by local artists. The platform is made of marble stone imported from Makrana. This stone was also used in the construction of the temple. The Circle and Shyam Mandir were decorated with colorful lights on the eve of Independence Day.

beautiful design- Shining flute in Shyam’s hands attracts devotees

The specialty of the Shyam Circle’s architect is that it looks straight when the circle is viewed from any angle. Whereas the circle does not look straight due to some technical flaw in the other circle design. Also for the first time the idol of Lord Shri Krishna’s flute (flute in hands) has been installed in the circle. This in itself is wonderful.

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