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Self. The sketch of Virbhadra is made from his file photo.

  • Last talk with resident doctor Seviye D’Souza in IGMC

On June 15, 23 days before he breathed his last, Late Virbhadra Singh had last spoken to the doctor of IGMC’s medical team who was treating him. Seviye D’Souza, resident doctor of IGMC’s cardiology department, says that the former CM had asked him on June 15, where am I, where am I here and what is the time.

The head of this team and the chairman of the department of cardiology, Prof. Dr. PC Negi told that late Virbhadra Singh was understanding everything till four days before his death, but Bail was not getting anything. When he was asked to move his feet, he used to shake it, when asked to move his hand, he used to move it too.

When talking to him, he used to look away. Whenever he talked to our team, every time he asked about his son Vikramaditya Singh and asked to call him. Many times remembering Rani Pratibha Singh also called her. However, he could not do anything else.

Head of Department of Cardiology Prof. Dr. PC Negi told that on April 30, Late Virbhadra Singh was brought to IGMC. Due to a heart attack, he was kept under the supervision of his department. Dr. Negi himself was treating them. In the beginning he was talking lightly.

During this, whenever he used to talk to him, he was asked about his health. But whenever Late Virbhadra Singh himself spoke, asked about his son Vikramaditya Singh and we were asked to call him. He said that initially he was eating light porridge for four to five days, but after that he was taking only liquids. Till the last moment, he was kept only with the help of liquid.

Was recovered after four days

Dr Seviye, resident of the Department of Cardiology said that on June 11, after the corona report of Late Virbhadra Singh came positive, he was shifted from the special ward in the makeshift hospital. Four days later, he recovered a lot from Kareena. On June 15, Virbhadra Singh spoke to him.

At that time the very first word he asked was where I am, when Dr. Seviya told him that you are admitted in IGMC, then he asked why am I here. When he was told that you were ill and had come for treatment, he asked what was the time. After that he asked about Rani Pratibha Singh and asked to call her.

The Dalai Lama said- Virbhadra Singh lived a long and fruitful life dedicating himself to the service of others

The Dalai Lama has expressed his condolences on the demise of former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh. His Highness the Dalai Lama has written a letter to his wife Pratibha Singh expressing his condolences. The Dalai Lama wrote that Virbhadra Singh lived a long and fruitful life devoting himself to the service of others.

Historically, there have been close relations between the people of the erstwhile princely state of Bushehr and their neighbors in western Tibet, who called them ‘Raja Sahib’. I admired the way he listened to people’s needs with deep affection and compassion.

For the many years we had known each other, I am personally grateful for the warm friendship they showed me. Virbhadra Singh, the longest serving Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, will be greatly missed. The Dalai Lama concluded his letter with my prayers.

Wasn’t in the last 24 hours

Pvt. Dr. Negi said that on July 5, his health deteriorated. After that he was put on ventilator. However, after going into it, he did not regain consciousness and remained unconscious till his last breath. The entire team of the department tried their best to save him but he died due to cardiac arrest at 3:40 am on Thursday.

He said that the departure of the former CM has hurt him and his team. He stayed in IGMC for two months, so all the doctors and other staff were taking care of him, there was an attachment with him. He said that the entire team has prayed to God for his soul to rest in peace.

Biography of Virbhadra

  • Born on 23 June 1934 in Rampur. Elementary education was done from BCS School in Shimla and higher education from Delhi St. Stephen’s School.
  • Came into politics from 1962 Lok Sabha elections and won.
  • Contested in 1967 from Mandi parliamentary seat.
  • Contested 1972 and then 1977 Lok Sabha elections and former Prime Minister Late. He was also a minister in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet.
  • He was Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation at the Center from 1976 to 1977.
  • Became a member of the UNO Federal Committee in 1976-77 and also lectured at the UNO.
  • In 1977, Mandi lost the election from the Lok Sabha, but won again in 1980. He was Minister of State for Industry from 1982 to 1983 in Indira Gandhi’s government.
  • In 1983, he stepped into the politics of the state from the politics of the center.
  • After assuming the command of Himachal in 1983, held assembly elections in 1985 and then became the Chief Minister.
  • There was a change of power here in 1990, but Virbhadra Singh came back to power in 1993.
  • Became CM again in 1998, was able to remain CM for only 3 days. Due to Sukh Ram’s support to BJP, instead of Congress, BJP government was formed.
  • Virbhadra Singh again came to power in 2003.
  • Contested and won the Lok Sabha elections in 2009 from Mandi parliamentary seat. At the center, there was a cabinet minister first in the Ministry of Steel and then in the Ministry of Micro and Small Industries.
  • Resigned from the post of Union Minister in mid-2012. In August 2012, took over the reins of the state Congress President.
  • On 25 December 2012, he became the Chief Minister of the state for the sixth time. After this, Congress had to be out of power in the 2017 elections and in this election Virbhadra Singh contested and won from Arki assembly seat.

The real shadow has been taken away, now the shade of the tree will have to be taken

In the afternoon, when it was scorching sun in the residence of former Chief Minister Virbhadra, there was a lot of crowd gathered in the holly lodge, some people were looking for the shade of the tree. Some people were talking to each other while going towards the lawn that they see the shade, so a man came from among them, our real shadow was snatched away, now only the shade of the tree will have to be taken. No one wanted to miss the opportunity to pay tribute to Virbhadra.

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