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The low pressure system formed over Odisha is moving towards Gujarat-Rajasthan via Madhya Pradesh. Due to this, rain is expected to start across the state including Surat from Wednesday. By August 21, South Gujarat may receive moderate to heavy rains. On Tuesday afternoon, the weather suddenly changed and the sky was covered with thick clouds. It rained in the night. There is information about 2 inches of rain in Mahua tehsil, 50 km from Surat. Palsana received 7 mm and Bardoli 4 mm.

On Tuesday, a total of 386 mm of rain fell in 21 rain gauge stations of Ukai Dam’s catchment. Dedtalai 74.80, Gopalkheda 91160, Gidhade 75.80, Savkheda 35, Girna Dam 21, Hathnur Dam 15, Yerli 14 mm of rain. The water level of Ukai stood at 325.21 feet at 8 pm on Tuesday. 19819 cusecs of water is coming in the dam. At the same time 6674 cusecs of water is being released. Due to the rains in the upper areas, the inflow of water to Ukai will increase.

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