Luchi And Begun Bhaja: Bengal’s Staple Breakfast Combination You Must Try

Trust us, Bengali cuisine is way more versatile than you might have imagined. It is a confluence of various cultures, leaving you with a range of food options that are hard to cover in one lifetime. If you visit a quintessential Bengali restaurant, you will find a range of food combinations being served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One such combination is luchi mangsho (meat curry) or luchi aloo’r dom (dum aloo). While we don’t deny the meal tastes delicious, what fascinates us are the creative ways these meals are tweaked in a regular household. Here we will take you through one such Bengali breakfast staple – luchi with begun bhaja (fried baingan).

What Makes Luchi-Begun Bhaja A Popular Bengali Breakfast?

Usually, luchi with cholar dal (chana dal) or aloo’r dom is a very popular Bengali meal across India and abroad. But making these side dishes with luchi takes a lot of time. This is why the locals found an easier alternative that tastes good as well – begun bhaja. It is a simple baingan fry, marinated with salt and turmeric. And thanks to the creamy, buttery texture of the vegetable, it adds some moisture to the meal.

All you need to do is fry the baingan, pair it with soft and fluffy luchi, and indulge. Some people like pairing it with sugar and green chilli for a burst of flavours.

And if you think luchi is too oily and heavy for your morning meal, then you can always replace it with roti made with wheat and other healthy flour.
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How To Make Luchi And Begun Bhaja For A Quintessential Bengali Breakfast:

Bengali Luchi Recipe | How To Make Luchi:

To start with, let’s understand the difference between luchi and puri. While both food items look the same, luchi is softer than the other. Puri is usually made with a mix of atta and maida, but luchi contains just maida, mixed with oil/ghee and salt. Rest assured, the process of making luchi and puri is the same. Click here for a detailed recipe for luchi.
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Bengali Begun Bhaja Recipe | How To Make Begun Bhaja:

The recipe is very simple. Wash the baingan well and cut the stem area. Now, you can slice the baingan in different shapes and sizes. You can cut diagonally into four big pieces or make circular slices. Remember, the bigger the size of the baingan slice, the more oil it will consume – and of course, will taste better as well! Now, marinate the slices with salt and turmeric and deep fry in mustard oil until dark brownish in color. Find the recipe here.

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Try this delicious luchi and begun bhaja combination at home and let us know how you liked it.

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