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  • ‘Ek Hand Together’ Exhibition 14 For Women, Stalls Will Be Available Free To Talented Women

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Meeting regarding the organization of the exhibition at Maheshwari Bhawan located at Citylight.

An exhibition will be organized on 14th July at Maheshwari Bhawan, Citylight. The condition of many artists has deteriorated during the Corona period. Many people have lost their jobs. In such difficult times, Ek Soch Foundation has come forward for the talented women. They will be provided a platform. The Foundation will organize Ek Haath Together exhibition to promote Vocal for Local with the help of various organizations to help needy women.

In this, organizations like Youth for Gujarat, International Agarwal Mahila Unit, Maheshwari Mahila Mandal, Lions Club, Mr. Cafe, RJMS Mahila Sangh, Laxminarayan Charitable Trust, Art Box Surat, Muskaan Charitable Trust, Navjeevan Motors etc. will help. Rungta Builders, Laxmipati Sari, Parimal Vyas have also extended their support for this initiative. Ritu Rathi said that the special thing about this event is that not only a platform will be provided to these women but each stall will be adopted by capable women and everything made by women will be promoted. Stalls will also be provided free of cost to these women in the exhibition. The NGO will also bear the travel expenses of the women.

Travel expenses will also be given to the exhibition.

Workshop for the emotional development of girls
A 5-day Smart Girl Workshop was organized under the banner of Bhartiya Jain Sanghatana, Gujarat. Gujarat BJS President Rajesh Surana told that in this workshop, which lasted from 7 to 9 pm every day from July 5 to 10, Gujarat Smart Girl in-charge Dr. Harshita Jain and Ahmedabad BJS trainer Pinky Bald trained girls between the ages of 13 and 24. guided.

Dr. Harshita Jain told that the aim of the workshop is to empower the girls emotionally and mentally, so that they can make the right choices and decisions for themselves and their surroundings. This was the fourth workshop. Trainer Pinky Bald said that a total of 26 girls participated in the workshop. Naresh Salecha and Ganpat Bhansali played an important role in this.

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