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State level raids.

On the instructions of the government, the electricity board conducted a campaign against theft and raided simultaneously across the state. In this raid, a total of 453 connections have been found stolen in Faridabad and Gurgaon. The department is now in the process of fixing the fine on them. Talking about Faridabad, raids were also conducted in many societies and other areas of Greater Faridabad. Electricity board officials have kept silence regarding this action. Officials say that the above has been forbidden to say anything about this.

Sources in the Electricity Board said that together with the Vigilance team of the department, raids were conducted across the state. A total of 507 teams were constituted for this, in which a total of 2535 employees and officers were involved. The team formed at the state level also conducted raids in Faridabad, Gurgaon and Palwal districts. If sources are to be believed, the department checked a total of 359 connections in Gurgaon Part One, out of which 141 were found cheating. A total of 524 connections were checked in Gurgaon Part II, out of which 169 connections were found stolen. Similarly, in Faridabad, a total of 450 connections were checked in different areas, out of which 143 connections were found to be stolen. A total of 338 connections were checked in Palwal, out of which 215 were found stolen. Faridabad SE Naresh Kakkar says that he has been forbidden to speak anything about this from above. In such a situation, where action was taken in Faridabad, how much fine was imposed, nothing can be said about it.

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