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Country’s Man Kaur and her son Gurdev Singh won many medals for the country. file photo

  • Man Kaur’s 82-year-old son said that she is currently taking liquid diet, is being exercised
  • Started running at the age of 93, at the behest of his son, made his son a trainer

The health of 105-year-old Man Kaur, the country’s oldest athlete and famous as the Miracle of Chandigarh, has been deteriorating for the last few days. His 82-year-old son Gurdev Singh, who is an athlete, is engaged in his treatment. Gurdev Singh says that right now his mother is able to take liquid diet only.

The athlete’s world record holder in various events is battling cancer of the gall bladder and unable to eat and drink. Due to which the weakness in his body is increasing. Gurdev Singh told that she is not able to eat anything since July 1, there is a lot of weakness in the body because even forcibly nothing can be fed. She only drank apple juice and coconut water, apart from this she could not eat anything. At this time she is hardly able to take liquid diet also.

Presently, Man Kaur is being treated in Derabassi’s Shuddhi Ayurved Panchkarma Hospital in Panchakarma method. Gurdev Singh told that liquid diet was given on Thursday but today chapati and dal will be given so that they can eat food and they can get strength.

Gurdev Singh told that the cancer has spread to the liver through the gall bladder. It is very difficult to have an operation at this age, so only homeopathic medicine is giving them. Earlier, he was taken to Chandigarh PGI for treatment. Where after treatment, he was sent home and arrangements for treatment were made there.

Veteran athlete Mann Kaur has won medals in more than 35 different events on the International label. She has been raising the glory of the tricolor by winning medals continuously till before Kovid-19. In view of the achievements of Mann Kaur, President Ram Nath Kovind honored her with the Nari Shakti Puraskar in the year 2019. The President was also stunned to see the speed with which Mann Kaur had reached the stage to receive the honor at Rashtrapati Bhavan. At the same time, during a meeting at the Prime Minister’s residence, PM Narendra Modi stood in front of him with folded hands. Apart from this, that country is a source of inspiration for the athletes of the world.

At the age of 93, he started running at the behest of his son.

The country’s oldest athlete Mann Kaur holds many world records. He started running at an age when everyone gets tired and grabs the cot. Man Kaur started running at the age of 93 at the behest of her son and after that there was no looking back. Man Kaur, who went to participate in many countries of the world, came back only after winning the medal.

Mann Kaur won many medals in 60m and 200m races as well as shotput and javelin throw. Man Kaur won four gold medals for the country at the 2017 World Master Games, while she won two gold medals at the 2018 Spain World Master Games. Mann Kaur surprised everyone by winning the gold medal in the 100m sprint in Auckland, New Zealand at the age of 102.

After this, he made a record by doing a ‘sky walk’ at the Sky Tower in Auckland, at that time he was 102 years old. This sky tower was at a height of 192 meters from the city. Man Kaur’s 80-year-old son Gurdev Singh supported her in breaking this world record. Mann did this ‘sky walk’ by holding his son’s hand.

Mann Kaur also entered the Guinness Book of World Records in Auckland. Here he won the gold medal by scoring 5 meters in Javelin Throw. He took part in the World Master Games for the first time in Sacramento. He entered India’s name in the record books for the first time by winning two golds in 100 and 200 meters. In 2011, he was named Athlete of the Year. It is his son who brought Maan Kaur to athletics, with him Maan Kaur started training. Man Kaur could not participate in the Master Games to be held in Canada and Japan due to Corona infection.

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