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These bricks are the only reservation of the vaccine.

People are queuing for 14-14 hours for the vaccine, but have to return disappointed. People start queuing with the whole family from 7 pm onwards, but when the center opens at 9 am, more than half of them do not get the vaccine. Because of the number of doses that are going to be taken at the center, there are three times the people in the queue. 18 thousand vaccines were taken on Saturday, but more than 55 thousand people came back. 11 lakh workers of the textile sector were asked to get the vaccine by July 31. Because of this people queue up since evening.

However, now the date has been shifted to 15 August. Still 5.50 lakh workers have not been vaccinated. When Bhaskar inspected five vaccination centers on Friday night, he found that people were queuing for children since evening. Then they go to sleep there. Some people reserve their place with sandal-shoes and bricks.

People also carry umbrellas, sacks and plastic foil with them to avoid rain. Around 400 people were seen queuing at every center at night. More than 700 people had queued up in the morning. They came to know in the morning that less than 200 vaccines would be required. This forced half the people to return. He says that the factory owners are pressurizing to get the vaccine done as soon as possible. Such queues are being seen daily at the centres.

Entire family will stay here overnight, will also eat food here

Akhilesh told that he has been sleeping outside the center with his wife and children after leaving his work for two days. Token was not received due to being behind in line for two days. He told that from 7 pm on Friday, I have come and sat outside the center. The wife will prepare food and bring it here. After that again the whole family will stay here for the night.

Municipality: 23000 doses were received on Saturday, out of which 18005 were applied.
The vaccine was administered at 115 centers on Saturday. Municipality had received 23000 doses, out of which 18005 doses were applied. For Sunday, the Municipality has got 28000 doses. How many of these doses will be taken will be decided on Sunday morning. Municipal Health Officer Dr. Ritika Patel said that according to the amount of vaccine received by the government, it is distributed at the centers accordingly.

So far, 25.90 lakh people have received the vaccine: So far 25. 90 thousand people have been vaccinated. Of these, 20 lakh people were given the first dose and 5.90 people have been given both the doses.

Today is not the first dose, only the second dose will be taken
Vaccination remains closed on Sundays, but special drives will be conducted at 108 centres. During this the first dose will not be taken. According to the Municipality, this special campaign will be run for those with other doses. Those who have completed 84 days of the first dose and SMS of the second dose will be vaccinated. Temporary arrangements have been made at 8 centers for pregnant women, which will continue.

11 lakh workers in the textile sector, 5.50 lakh left
There are about 11 lakh workers in the city related to textile weaving, processing, trading, embroidery, pasting and other sectors. Of these, about 5.50 lakh workers are yet to get the vaccine.
-Bharat Gandhi, president, fiasvi

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