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  • Opposition is misleading about government letter

A letter has been issued by the Department of Local Bodies to all the corporations regarding the Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC). Municipal Corporation Mayor Amarjit Singh Sidhu said that the opposition is trying to do politics over the letter. People are being misled about F&CC. letter that has been issued.

It is not for Mohali Municipal Corporation because here the F&CC was elected only after taking approval from the General House and the power of the committee has been increased from 25 lakhs to 1 crore from the house itself. The power of F&CC in the municipal corporations of Punjab is Rs 2 crore. It was also clarified that the letter issued is applicable to those municipal corporations where F&CC is not sanctioned by General House and has not been approved by the government.

He said that the F&CC has been approved by the House to spend 1 crore. For this, a motion was brought in the House, which has been passed with a majority. During this meeting, the mayor was also empowered to form a committee, after which the proposal was sent to the local bodies department for approval. From there also this proposal has been approved. Therefore, the entire work of Rs 1 crore can be done.

Why didn’t the power of F&CC increase earlier?

Deputy Mayor Kuljit Singh Bedi said that the allegations leveled by the opposition councilors Sukhdev Singh Patwari, Sarabjit Singh Samana etc. are completely politically motivated and are misleading the people of the city. He said that the orders which have been mentioned in the letter.

It has also been told about him that such letters were also issued in 2013 and 2014, but in 2015, the first municipal election of Mohali city was held, after that the Municipal Corporation formed F&CC in the same way. And his power was earlier 15 lakhs, which was increased to 25 lakhs.

When it was his turn, these rules were not visible at that time, now this type of politics is being done to affect the development works and push them into the darkness of delay.

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