Meghan Markle wants to become Princess Diana heir: ‘Cash in legacy’

Meghan Markle is accused of thinking herself as Princess Diana ‘heiress’ in an attempt to relaunch.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is currently promoting American Riviera Orchard with as her new lifestyle brand, has added key Diana dates to her launch.

Royal author Tom Quinn tells Mirror: “It’s really significant that Meghan‘s new American Riviera Orchard brand was launched on the same date as the Diana award – Meghan has always seen herself as Diane’s heir. She sees herself as suffering because of the media, just as she feels Diana suffered, but on this side of the pond at least, there will be a huge amount of criticism that she is just trying to cash in on Diana’s legacy,”

Quinn continues: “Like many Americans, Meghan just cannot understand why anyone should see that making money out of your connections is ever a bad thing. There are groans at Kensington Palace about Meghan‘s new website – for all their modernising, the role family still dislike what they see as grubby moneymaking and the fact that Meghan is planning to sell kitchen and cookery equipment is grubby in the palace’s view.

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