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The meeting of BJP District Executive was held on Saturday under the chairmanship of District President Gopal Sharma. During this, Union Minister of State Krishan Pal Gurjar urged the workers to take the welfare schemes made by the government to the people. People’s lives were saved by providing facilities.

Under the leadership of CM Manohar Lal, work is being done by the state government to raise the standard of living for the poor, laborers and farmers through public welfare schemes. Haryana Government Minister Om Prakash Yadav said that the new agriculture laws have been made to empower the farmers and increase their income.

Opposition parties are trying to spread confusion on agricultural laws. Higher prices of crops are being given in Haryana. Former State General Secretary Sandeep Joshi discussed the organizational topics and informed about the upcoming programs of the party. He said that after the meeting of the district executive, a meeting of the executive committee of all the 20 divisions of Faridabad would be held from July 15 to 30. Apart from this, it was decided to constitute the executive committee of the divisions of the fronts, to appoint the power center heads of the divisions in the next five days. From August 1 to 15, a tricolor yatra will be taken out in every assembly.

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