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  • When Asked For The Land Back, The Son Said I Will Eat Something And I Will Jail You And Your Sons Living In Belgium, The Troubled Elderly Mother Filed A Case At The Police Station.

Jalandhar12 minutes ago

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A case of attempt to suicide and death threats has been registered against the accused son. – symbolic photo

In Jalandhar, a unique case of a son plotting to put his mother in jail has come to light. The son is plotting this because the mother asked him to give back the land which was bought by his two other sons living in Belgium. Once he talked about consuming a poisonous item and was admitted to the hospital, but escaped before the police arrived. The troubled mother reached the police station with a complaint so that she did not have to go to jail in old age. Here the police has registered a case against the accused son for attempt to commit suicide and threatening to kill the mother.

Mother’s word… read the story of son’s handiwork

My sons had bought land so that I lived in Belgium, the son started farming.

Gurdev Kaur, a 68-year-old mother from Baba Murad Shah Road Nakodar, said, “My husband died about 35 years ago. I have three sons. The eldest Baljinder Singh and the youngest Yadvinder Singh live in Belgium. Middle son. Daljit Singh works as a farmer in the village itself. In Nakodar’s ancestral house, the son lives in the lower part and I live on the top. The sons living in Belgium bought me 4 forts of land in 2009, so that my expenses on farming could continue. Daljit was living separately from the family even at that time. I had given this land on contract earlier. 3 years ago, Daljit Singh started cultivating the land but never gave any contract or money for it.

Admitted to the hospital saying that he had eaten a poisonous item, escaped before the police arrived

About 7-8 years ago, Daljit Singh had threatened that he would commit suicide and get him jailed. When she did not give money for farming on the land, she said that she should leave the land, she would get someone else to cultivate it. Hearing this, Daljit was furious. A few days ago he said that he had eaten something poisonous. I will die and put you in jail. After that he got admitted to a hospital. When the police went to take his statement, he ran away from the hospital. He threatened that if he stopped me from cultivating the land, I would kill him by committing suicide. Due to which she got scared and reached the police station and lodged a complaint. The police have started the action by registering the case.

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