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  • After The Dissolution Of The Board, The Chairman, Vice Chairman And Ward Councilor Continued To Be Called Outgoing For The Next 17 Years.

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These people were called outgoing from 1993 to 2010.

  • 1988 was the last municipal election
  • Got 6 months extension for the first time

Year 1988… An important milestone in the history of the municipality of Dhanbad. Elections were held for the formation of the board this year, becoming the last of the municipality. Then there were 32 wards, so the same number of ward councilors were elected. Among them was today’s Dhanbad MP Pashupati Nath Singh. Ashok Kumar Sao became the chairman, the last chairman of the municipality.

Elections could not be held in the year 1993 after the completion of the five-year term. However, the board was given an extension of six months. Then the board was dissolved. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Ward Counselor were outgoing. ..and for the next 17 years they were called outgoing, although they did not have any rights. For these 17 years, the administration of the municipality was carried out by the government officials, who were headed by the administrator. This situation changed in the year 2010, when the Municipal Corporation was formed in Dhanbad and elections were held for the first Board.

November 1993 – Neither the term extended, nor the elections were held

Ashok Kumar Saw, the last chairman of the municipality, says that the term of the Board ended on March 18, 1993. The members were busy preparing for the election, but the announcement was not made. The then Bihar government gave an extension of six months to the board. Ashok Kumar Saw says that for the first time in the history of the municipality, the term of a bard was extended. These six months were over, so everyone started preparing again. This time neither the election was announced nor the term of the Bard was extended. For this reason, all the elected representatives of that time were called outgoing till 2010.

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