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Freedom Fighter Ram Khelawan Singh

  • Rai Saheb, the owner of many collieries, had defeated BL Gutgutia, remained in office for 11 years.

In the history of 100 years of Dhanbad municipality, there have been many interesting tales of upheaval in the election of the chairman. Each watt was valuable to form the government of the city. The equations used to change when one watt went from here to there. A similar incident happened in the 1962 election of the municipal chairman.

Rai Saheb Bihari Lal Gutgutia, the owner of many colliery, was in competition with the freedom fighter and owner of Star Call Company Ramkhelawan Singh. Ramkhelawan Singh was victorious by just one watt in a thorn-battle. Ram Khelawan Singh had a good hold in the Congress. His younger brother Ramdhani Singh also became MLC from Congress in the year 1967. Congress had mobilized for Ram Khelawan Singh. He was the chairman of Dhanbad municipality for 11 consecutive years till 1973. After him SC Mallick took over the power of the city government.

Was also the vice chairman of the local body for 18 years

Ramkhelawan Singh belonged to Phulaiya village in Munger, Bihar. His niece Professor Kiran Singh tells that around the year 1900, Dadaji Raiwat Singh had come to Dhanbad and settled here. Both the brothers also went to jail several times in the freedom movement. Chachaji was arrested and sent to the Calcutta Jail in the India Chhede Movement of 1942. Before independence, he was also the Vice-Chairman of the local body for 18 years. After independence, the family members held many important positions in the district Congress. He was also the owner of a colliery located near Naya Danga of Nirsa. He formed the Star Call Company in the year 1916. Apart from Bihar, UP, there was supply of coal till Dhaka.

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