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Guddu Sahni, a relative of the accused child, was caught by the police.

The body of six-year-old Mathan Kumar, who was missing from Basai Enclave, was found in the forest of the area on Friday evening. He was killed by being hit with a stone. Earlier his throat had been slit. The relative of the accused child turned out to be Guddu Sahni. The body was recovered by the police on the behest of the accused. Sector-10 A police station handed over the body to the relatives after conducting post-mortem on Saturday afternoon. At the same time, the police also produced the accused in the court, from where he was sent to Bhondsi jail in judicial custody.

For the last several years, Budhu Sahni, originally a resident of Pakridi village in Samastipur district of Bihar, lives and works on rent along with his family in the Basai Enclave area. Last Thursday, he and his wife had gone to work. When he returned in the evening, he saw that his six-year-old son Maths was missing. When he could not be found after searching around, he gave a complaint to Sector-10A police station. After this, along with the police station, the Sector-10 team of the crime branch also gathered in the search of the child. Meanwhile, in the course of investigation, Guddu Sahni, a relative, originally a resident of village Kushaha in Samastipur district of Bihar, living on rent in Basai Enclave itself, was suspected. Then caught him on Friday evening near the village Garhi. As soon as he started interrogation, he told the whole truth. He admitted that due to mutual enmity, he had taken the math into the forest of the area by luring him with the intention of killing him. There he first pressed his throat and then hit his head and neck. this caused his death. Math was the youngest of four siblings.

took his life due to suspicion

ACP Crime Preetpal told that the accused Guddu had a fight with his wife Lalita over some issue. On this Lalita had called her father Mahendra Singh Sahni, who lives in Panipat. While his father-in-law was explaining, at the same time, Ripal Devi, the real sister of Guddu’s mother-in-law Likhiya Devi, who lives in Basai Enclave, had come. Even after persuasion, when the estrangement did not go away, Lalita was taken away by her father to his house. Guddu felt that only on the behest of Ripple Devi, his father-in-law took away his wife. On this he thought that his house was ruined, now he will also ruin Ripple Devi. In this enmity, he killed his younger son Mathematics. During the investigation, there was suspicion on the relative of Guddu.

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