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National Lok Adalat was organized on Saturday in the court complex located in Sector-12. Nine benches were formed in the court under the chairmanship of District and Sessions Judge YS Rathore. A total of 3215 cases were placed in Lok Adalat. Out of these, 1286 cases were disposed of by mutual consent.

District Legal Services Authority secretary and CJM Mangalesh Kumar Choubey said that 3215 cases were placed in 9 benches in Lok Adalat. Out of these, a total of 1286 cases were settled by mutual consent. Choubey said that in these 14 cases of motor vehicle accidents, minor criminal cases 54, check bounce 141, electricity related 650, summary challan 383, labor dispute 21 cases, 18 executions, 5 matrimonial related cases were settled. Choubey said that when the case is decided in the Lok Adalat, there is no appeal till the Supreme Court. The case gets decided forever. This saves money and time.

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