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Jamshedpur Women’s University

  • Due to lack of use and lack of maintenance, cracks started falling in many buildings.
  • The building of the Professional College, built at a cost of 26 crores, is ready for three years, teachers have not yet been restored
  • Keys of 6 model schools in the district are with the contractors

In the name of improving the quality of education in the city, new buildings costing 1.24 billion are ready. But due to the negligence of the officials, many buildings are waiting for handover for 3 to 4 years. Alam is that due to lack of use and maintenance, cracks have come in the walls of many buildings.

The State Government’s plans of billions of rupees included the conversion of Jamshedpur Women’s College into Women’s University as well as professional colleges and model schools in the city. But after the construction of the building, no further action was taken in these plans. Officers and teachers were also not appointed at the government level for Jamshedpur Women’s University and Professional College.

Recognition also got stuck due to non-reinstatement of officers-teachers

  • Jamshedpur Women’s University

In February 2019, the Governor issued a notification to upgrade Jamshedpur Women’s College to University.

70 crores total cost, current situation Sidgeda new campus ready for 6 months

hence not operating
The appointment of Vice Chancellor, Registrar and other office bearers has not been done here. Whereas the state government has already approved these posts 6 months ago.

  • Professional College, Sidgeda

In 2017, the then CM Raghuvar Das announced the college to start engineering studies.

26 crores total cost, the present status of the college building is ready from 2019

therefore not operating
Even after three years of construction of the building, the post of teachers and staff could not be created in the college. AICTE has also not been recognized for the courses.

  • Model School, Ghatshila

The process of setting up 6 model schools in the district was started in 2011 to provide English medium education in government schools.

15 crore total cost, current status Model school building ready for 4 years

therefore not operating
About one crore rupees to the contractors. The buildings are not handover due to non-payment of dues. Model schools are running in other government schools.

Recruitment will be started soon after taking out the advertisement

Higher Education Secretary KK Khandelwal said that the schemes have not been fully implemented. However, the building from Women’s University to Professional College is ready. The government has ordered to fill up the vacancies. Soon the appointment of officers and teachers will be started.

Handover of the buildings of model schools will be done soon

Education Secretary Rajesh Sharma said – Complaints have been received about the building handover of model schools. The DEO has been asked to meet with the DC and solve it. Model schools will be started by taking over the buildings. After the effect of Karena subsides, other buildings will also be brought into use.

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