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  • Corona Beds Started Filling Again In IGMC As Patients Increased, Six Patients Were Left Here, Now 30 More New Positives In A Week

Shimla2 hours ago

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  • The number of patients started decreasing in June but now Corona positive is to increase rapidly

In March this year, the patients of Karena started increasing. For the three months of April, May and June, the speed of Kareena became so fast that till IGMC 350 patients were admitted in the wards of Kareena. The patients were growing so fast, for a time there were too few beds and patients were being denied. Then in June, the corona started decreasing and patients started decreasing continuously. By the end of July, only six patients were left in IGMC. Even the wards of the medicine that were kept for the Corona patients were also evacuated.

But now the number of Karena patients has started increasing again. The speed of patients is increasing continuously in the month of August. In this month itself, 30 patients have been admitted here again. Three patients are reaching IGMC from day to day. Doctors claim that the speed with which the corona is growing, in one to one and a half weeks, two to three times the patients will be admitted here. In such a situation, if the people still do not improve, then it will be difficult to stop the third wave of Karena.

In this regard, MS in IGMC Dr. Janakraj said that where he had only 6 patients admitted in July, now it has increased to 30. Karena is growing fast. In such a situation, if people want to avoid Corona, then wear masks and adopt social distancing.

Only serious patients are being admitted: Only those patients are coming to IGMC, whose condition is bad due to Corona and they need oxygen. Other patients are being advised to stay in home isolation. However, in the first wave of Corona, almost all the positives were kept in hospitals or Covid Care Centers.
In the second wave also, those patients were kept in the Covid Care Centers who had or used to have the same room and the family lived together. Or the person himself wanted to come to the Kovid Care Center. But now in the third wave only serious patients are being admitted to the hospital.

294 active patients arrived in Shimla The pace of Kareena is increasing in such a way that in the 12 days of August itself, there have been 294 active patients here. Whereas in July the active patients remained close to 90. In this also, about 80 patients were in heme oscillation. Now the number of patients is continuously increasing. More than 40 patients have started coming in Rajana district Shimla, whereas at the end of July, only 6 to 7 patients were coming. Now the negligence of the people is increasing in such a way that the number of patients is increasing continuously. The infection is passing from one person to another.

People became careless after getting the vaccine: Corona vaccination is also going on fast in the district, but its effect is being such that now people are becoming careless. Most of the people are thinking that now they have got the rash of Karena and they will not have Karena. But still 25 percent of the people are coming who have got or have received a dose of Karena. Doctors are already saying one thing that the corona vaccine will reduce the risk and not protect against the corona. In such a situation, if people wear masks and avoid going into the crowd, only then they can stay safe from Corona.

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