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  • Two new courses will start soon in IIT ISM Dhanbad
  • The focus will be on smart, sustainable and safe mining in the syllabus

Engineering students will now also be able to study Deep Sea Mining and Asteroid Mining. IIT ISM, Dhanbad has started its preparation. In fact, after the end of the open cast, the need to go to a depth of one or two kilometers for mining will be felt. In such a situation, the future of opencast mining is not looking very long. On the other hand underground mining is also happening less now. Therefore, now the preparations for the exploration under the sea level have been started.

Investigation will be done for mining going below 4-5 thousand meters. The International Sea Bed Authority has also given its approval on this. The process of exploration and then mining will be followed. In such a situation, the students will be able to know everything about what and how the future mining process will be. Now its content will also be focused in the mining syllabus. However, what will be the nature of this course, a decision has not been taken yet. Director of the institute, Prof. Rajiv Shekhar said that in future there will be mining under the sea. A lot of minerals are likely to be found under the sea level.

Precious minerals can be found in the deep sea

Precious minerals are expected to be found in the deep sea. In this regard, Prof. Dheeraj Kumar said that nickel, cadmium, copper are expected to be found in the deep sea. Manganese has already been observed. Thus, deep sea mining will be the mining of the future. Similarly, mining on other planets can be completely robotic. However, the discussions have just started on this.

Focus on smart and safe mining

Prof Dheeraj Kumar informed that along with the traditional mining process, the focus is on digital mining process. Now the focus will be on Smart, Sustainable and Safe Mining in the Mining Syllabus. To get all these three automation and semi automation of mines is necessary. Basic mining in India also needs to be improved. Automation has been done only in Hindustan Zinc mines in the country. Surface mines have only been mechanized, automation has not happened.

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