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  • LeBron Diamond’s Demand Rises By 38% In 6 Months, 400 Units Of Manufacturing Started In 6 Years

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America, Hong Kong are the main buyers of LeBron Diamond.

Like real diamonds, now the demand for LeBron diamonds is also increasing in foreign markets. The city saw 400 LeBron diamond manufacturing units in six years. At the same time, the demand for LeBron Diamond has increased by 38% in 6 months and by 300% in 3 years. Due to this, the units in the city have also started growing rapidly. There are a total of 400 companies in the city, small and big. America, Hong Kong are the main buyers of LeBron Diamond.

All the diamonds made in Surat are exported abroad. Like real diamond companies, there has been a demand to facilitate LeBron diamond companies. The association has been formed to take the problems related to LeBron Diamond to the government. The first meeting of the association was held on Wednesday. LeBron Diamond is being manufactured in the city for the last 6 years.

Committee member of Lebron Diamond Association, Snehal Patel said that the association has been formed to take facilities like Real Diamond. We will complain to the government about the problems we have. Association President Babu Baghani said that we are associated with this business for the last 5 years. LeBron Diamond has a bright future. In foreign markets, people are buying jewelery made of Lebron diamond just like real diamond.

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