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  • It Will Rain From The Night Of July 9, There Is A Possibility Of Heavy Rain On July 11 12, Unannounced Power Cuts Will Also Get Rid Of

Jalandhar27 minutes ago

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Due to lack of rain, we have to face the double whammy of heat and power cuts. – symbolic photo

There is news of relief for the people suffering from undeclared power cuts in the scorching heat and the farmers engaged in sowing of paddy. Parts of entire Punjab including Jalandhar will receive rain from the night of July 9. Which will intensify on July 11-12 and will be 50 to 70 in entire Punjab by July 16. MM It is expected to rain. However, till then i.e. July 9, people will be forced to bear the scorching heat throughout the day. This information related to monsoon has been issued by the Meteorological Department on Wednesday.

Monsoon in 5 states including Punjab on July 10 to 12

According to the latest forecast, the Meteorological Department said that moist winds from the Bay of Bengal will spread over the northern part of the country covering Punjab and North Haryana till July 10. After which, along with Punjab and Haryana, there will be a knock of monsoon in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi between July 10 and 12.

Mercury above 40, troubled by power crisis from people to farmers

It has been scorching heat in Jalandhar for some time now. The temperature is running above 40. The situation is that there is no relief from the heat not only during the day but also at night. Unannounced power cuts are being imposed to control the increasing demand. Due to which people from farmers engaged in sowing of paddy to households are getting upset. The Punjab government is also waiting for the monsoon to deal with the power crisis. In government offices due to lack of electricity AC But since the ban, the industry is also facing power cuts.

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