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In a hilarious scene from a quirky sitcom in Hyderabad, a Zomato delivery agent unleashed the ‘horsepower’ – literally, as he was recorded delivering food on a horse. As the fuel stations in Hyderabad went dry following the panic buy induced by the truck protests, the delivery agent decided to take up a rather unconventional mode of transport to fulfil his orders.He ditched his two-wheeler and jumped on a horse saddle to deliver food in the region.
In the video that has taken the internet by a storm, the agent is seen casually sitting on the back of a dark brown horse, navigating traffic with a Zomato delivery bag strapped to his back.

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Much to everyone’s amusement, a passerby then asks the food delivery partner the reason behind his unique adventure. The agent then replied that he didn’t get petrol for his vehicle despite waiting in a queue for over three hours. Hence, he decided to ditch his motor vehicle and go old-school.

While the last-mile logistics firms are rooting for eco-friendly deliveries as the government bets on the adoption of green vehicles, the delivery agent took the sustainability factor to new heights. Although, this could be a genuine temporary solution for the person besides the possibility of being a marketing gimmick from the brand, it has undoubtedly brought smiles on the faces of the netizens.
Why is there a fuel-shortage?
Under the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS), replacing the British-era Indian Penal Code, a driver causing a severe road accident due to careless driving and leaving without informing the police could face a penalty of up to 10 years in jail and a Rs 7 lakh fine.
In response, truck and tanker drivers called a three-day protest, causing concerns about potential supply shortages, including diesel and petrol, in various parts of the country.
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