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  • There Will Be Separate Departments For All 09 Languages ​​Of PG TRL, Dean Will Also Be Separate, But There Will Be No Separate HOD Now; Because There Are No Teachers

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  • No separate HOD will be appointed in all departments now

9 languages ​​are taught under the PG Tribal and Regional Language Department (TRL) of Ranchi University. Notification for setting up separate departments for all these languages ​​is going to be issued this month. But, now there will not be a separate HOD appointed in all the departments.

Because there are no teachers. There are only three teachers in nine languages, one of whom is a proctor in Dr. TN Sahu University. At present there are only two teachers for nine languages. There will be separate stream (faculty) in the coming days. There will also be a separate dean. HOD of TRL Department Dr. Hari Oraon has prepared notification of separate department of all languages ​​and proposal of separate stream and sent it to Ranchi University Headquarters.

This is the purpose of Stream and Separate Department

The purpose of giving the status of a separate department to all languages ​​in the PG TRL department is to provide quality education to the students. Research scholars have said that the separate identity of TRL will be created only when all the teachers and personnel are appointed.

Studying these languages ​​in PG TRL

Nine tribal and regional languages ​​are taught in PG TRL department. It has five tribal languages ​​and four regional languages. These include Khortha, Kudukh, Kurmali, Nagpuri, Santali, Mundari, Panch Pargania, Ho and Khadia.

Not a single teacher in seven languages

The seven languages ​​of PG TRL are Santhali, Ho, Mundari, Khadia, Kurmali, Khortha and Panchparganiya. After the teachers of these languages ​​retired, no new appointments were made in their place.

Proposal sent for different stream

The proposal related to issuing notification of separate stream and separate department to PG TRL has been sent to Ranchi University Headquarters. A decision on the proposal will be taken in the Academic Council.
-Dr. Hari Oraon, HOD PG TRL

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