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  • The Young Man, Who Was Walking Around With A Sharp Knife In The Pursuit Of Robbery, Ran Away On Seeing The Police, The Police Arrested Him After Running

Chandigarh18 minutes ago

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File photo of accused Gaurav

Maulijagra police station has arrested one such accused. Who was roaming around with a nine-inch springy knife to carry out the robbery. The arrested accused has been identified as Gaurav, a resident of Maulijagran. The concerned police station has started further action by registering a case against the accused under Arm Act.

According to the information, the police had put up a blockade on the road of Makhan Majra. From where the accused was passing. As soon as he saw the police he started trying to run away with fast steps. The police caught the accused by running on the basis of suspicion. After searching, a 9-inch springy knife was recovered from him. In the preliminary investigation of the police, it was found that the accused had gone out with a knife to carry out the robbery. While before that he got caught by the police.

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