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  • On The Very First Day Of Job, A Woman Entangled The Elderly In Massage, The Other Stole 60 Thousand Cash Including 5 Tola Of Gold

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Women had entered the house on the pretext of asking for work, stole the gold and took it away. – symbolic photo

The one day salary of two maids working in a kothi located in Sector-10 in Chandigarh was close to 3 lakhs. Both of them cleared their hands on 60 thousand cash including 5 tola of gold on the very first day. Then both of them escaped after dodging the elderly woman. The Kothi owners have given a complaint to the Sector-3 police station, on the basis of which the police have started taking action by registering a case.

Complainant Jayant Gupta told that he lives with grandparents in Kothi. His grandmother needed a maid to work in the house. I had also talked to many experts about this. A family friend had assured to send a maid. Meanwhile, two women came to the kothi asking for work, when the grandmother asked them that they were sent by their acquaintance?

Both women agreed to this question. Then both the women started massaging grandmother’s feet while talking. While massaging, a woman entangled her grandmother in her words. Another went into the room and stole the gold and cash. After the work was done, both the women promised to come from the next day and went on. Then grandmother called to thank her friend. When asked, the friend refused to send any maid. In the meantime, he saw the things scattered in the room, then the theft came to light. He immediately complained about the matter to the Sector-3 police station.

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