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In the second wave of Corona, there is concern about positive patients and deaths.

A corona infected died again in Jalandhar on Thursday. After no death on Wednesday, it was expected that now there will be an infection but no one will die. Apart from this, 29 positive patients were also found during 24 hours. The most worrying thing is that after the second wave of corona stopped, the active cases were falling continuously, but on Thursday, the active cases have increased to 156 with an increase of 9 patients. At the same time, despite the decrease in the last few days, more number of patients have also come on Thursday.

So far 61,223 have been cured, 1,485 people have died

If we look at the figures of corona in Jalandhar, 62,864 positive patients have been found so far. Of these, 61,223 have recovered and returned home and 1,485 people have died. Most of the deaths occurred during the second wave of Corona. In the first wave, where people already suffering from some other disease died, but due to the death of youth in the second wave, the concerns about corona have increased a lot. The good thing in the current active cases is that the number of patients admitted in hospitals is very less.

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