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  • The First Rain Of Monsoon Opened The Pole For The Construction Work Of Delhi Mumbai Highway, The Roads On The Highway Collapsed

Sohna/Gurgaon4 hours ago

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sleep. Highway covered with rain, cracks occurred.

The first monsoon rains have exposed the construction work on the National Highway to be built from Delhi to Mumbai. The claim of strong construction work on the highway completely failed in this rainy season. In the first monsoon rains, the road of the highway got submerged for a long distance, he can guess from many places how the construction work is being done on the highway.

However, a huge amount of Rs 1 lakh 3 thousand crores is to be spent on this highway. It is being claimed that this highway will be completely ready in the year 2023 and 24. In fact, the central government made many big claims about the national highway to be built from Mumbai to Delhi, in which it was said that this national highway would be built on the lines of electric highway like European countries. But in the first rain of monsoon, all the claims of the government were failed.

In the very first rain, from village Abhaypur to village Silani, this road got completely stuck inside from 19 places. The side which was on the grill was also broken for a long distance. The roads got cracks at places and the soil on the side was completely washed away with which the road also disappeared from there. It is worth noting that the national highway to be built from Delhi to Mumbai is to be built for about 1320 km. It will be installed on the National Highway at a cost of about 1 lakh 3 thousand crores. The government is claiming to complete it by the year 2023 and 24.

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