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People demonstrated on the appeal of farmers.

In protest against the daily increase in the prices of petrol, diesel and gas, people of many organizations of the city gathered under the Neelam Ajronda flyover and performed a symbolic demonstration. Demanded the government to withdraw the increased prices. This symbolic demonstration was done on the appeal of the farmers.

The protesters said that the BJP government has completely failed to check inflation. The prices of petrol, diesel and gas are increasing exponentially. This has made life difficult for the common man. In the Corona era, the economic condition of the people has deteriorated anyway. People are living life somehow. But the government has made it difficult to live by increasing inflation. He says that when the prices of diesel, petrol and gas increase, then it is natural for the prices of essential goods to increase. People’s income is not increasing and inflation is increasing. The protesters demanded the central government to immediately withdraw the increased prices of petroleum products. Kuldeep Singh, Harkamal Singh, Vicky Saluja, Janrail Singh, Jagjit Kaur Pannu and others were involved in the demonstration.

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