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  • Employee said – instead of increasing the salary, the reduction report was accepted

On Thursday, employees of Civil Surgeon Office and District Hospital went on strike regarding the 6th Pay Commissioner and Finance Department. The strike will continue till June 9. The employees raised slogans against the Punjab government outside the Civil Surgeon’s office. Staff of Civil Hospital Phase-6 also joined the strike.

Due to which the OPD of the hospital was affected for about an hour. Patients who came for treatment had to wait for an hour. However, only the OPD service of the hospital was affected and in emergency patients were being provided treatment facilities.

Patients who came to the OPD had to face trouble for about one and a half hours. On Wednesday, the effect of this strike was seen in the Civil Hospital Phase-6. Staff in the Civil Hospital went on strike for about an hour and during this the work of the hospital was affected.

Served day and night during the Koreana period, the government did not even consider it

On the call of Punjab-UT Employees and Pensioners Joint Front, a pen drop strike is being organized across the state on 8-9 July. Employees leaders raised slogans of ‘Punjab government, Finance minister Manpreet Singh Badal’ and termed the pay commission report being implemented by the government as betrayal and injustice to the employees.

Regarding this, the staff and other employees said that during the Corona period, they worked day and night and without caring for their families, they have done duty in the hospital among Kovid patients. He said that even after doing so much, instead of appreciating the medical staff and employees, they are being pushed by the government.

Far from giving any special gift to these employees on behalf of the government, but efforts are also being made to snatch the rights which are due to the employees.

The economic crisis is for the employees, not the leaders

Employees leaders said that firstly the government is implementing the report with a delay of four and a half years and on the contrary, the report has deprived the employees of their due rights instead of giving them their due. The government has accepted the report that instead of increasing the salary of the employees, it is being reduced.

The employees have now adopted the path of fierce struggle and will not sit silent till the government implements the revised and pro-employee report. He said that the government is crying over the poor economic condition. This economic crisis is always for the employees, not the bureaucracy and the leaders. If there is an economic crisis, it is because of the poor policies of the government.

waited half an hour

I am pregnant and went to get my checkup done. There were some tests to be done so went to the hospital empty stomach. The workers were on strike when they reached the hospital. Patients were not even being seen. Due to this, we had to wait for about one and a half hours in the hospital to get the checkup done. His health also deteriorated due to empty stomach.

am pregnant, waited an hour

I am pregnant and came to mother and child care center for booster injection. But the staff was out of the hospital due to the strike. So I had to wait for about an hour in the hospital to get the injection. After that the staff nurse came and gave the injection. Only after that she could go home. Sunita

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