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  • Industrialists, Including Workers, Took To The Road In Jalandhar Due To The Closure Of The Industry, Surrounded The Powercom Headquarters, Warning To Block The Highway

Jalandhar5 minutes ago

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Industrialists sitting on dharna along with workers outside Powercom headquarters in Jalandhar.

After the farmers and the common people, now the power cut in the industry has created a ruckus. Enraged over the extension of the three-day cut till Sunday morning, industrialists have taken to the streets in Jalandhar. He along with the factory workers has staged a dharna outside Powercom’s Jalandhar headquarters ‘Shakti Sadan’. He warned that if the Punjab government and Powercom do not find a solution soon, then step can be taken to block the highway with an indefinite dharna here. In this demonstration, factory owners from all places including Leather Complex Association, Sports Surgical Industry Association, Pathankot Road, Focal Point, Dada Colony have united with Gadaipur Industrialists Association.

Lost due to corona lockdown, industry got 12 hours of electricity

Sukhwinder of Gadaipur Industrialists Association said that the industry is being badly affected due to power cuts. Last year too, the industry remained closed due to the Corona lockdown. Now production had started with great difficulty, so there was a power cut. First 3 and then it was increased to 4 days. In this case the industry will be destroyed. Where will the daily wage laborers who earn daily wages by working in the factory go? The Punjab government should give us 12 hours of uninterrupted electricity, only then the industry will be able to survive. He said that till the demand is not fulfilled or no senior officer of the government or Powercom gives assurance to us, their dharna will continue during working hours.

Depend on rain, stop powercom

During this, the industrialists expressed strong resentment that the officials of Powercom are saying that it is going to rain. After that their supply will be restored when the demand for electricity decreases. He said that if one has to rely on monsoon, then for what purpose such a big powercom has been built. The government should stop this. If people choose the government, then from where will the power be met at the time of need? The government should have thought about it.

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