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  • Soldiers Posted In Kargil Have Taken Army’s Deadly Training, Both Were Also Stationed In Pathankot, Sent Mobile For Forensic Examination

Jalandhar4 minutes ago

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Police carrying soldiers caught on charges of Pak espionage.

Pakistani intelligence agency ISI There has been a big disclosure about two soldiers supplying documents related to national security and defense. Gurbhej, posted as an adhoc clerk in Kargil, has taken two months of deadly army training. For some time both have also been posted at Pathankot airbase in Punjab. Both passed secret documents to drug smugglers through encrypted app. In view of this, his mobile has been confiscated by the police and sent for forensic examination. Through this, preparations are being made to confirm the information about the documents sent to them and the investigation of their relationship.

Army also investigated, after which handed over to police

In this case, the police had earlier caught Ranveer from Mehtpur with 70 grams of heroin. Then his friend Gopi was caught. From here, when the police suspected that their wires were connected from across the border and in exchange for heroin and money, these people were sending documents related to national security and defense there. After this, the police added the Official Secret Act to the case and then informed the army. According to the police, the Board of Officers of the Army also investigated this and found the work of both the soldiers suspicious. After which he was handed over to the police from Srinagar. From there the police brought them to Jalandhar on transit remand.

900 documents transported across the border in 4 months

Police say that constables Harpreet and Gurbhej together sent 900 secret documents across the border in just 4 months. Apart from drug smugglers, to whom other numbers were sent and who are those people? This is also being investigated. Due to the matter being related to national security, the intelligence agencies of the center along with the state have also kept an eye on the entire action.

On 7-day remand, inquiring: SSP

About this SSP Naveen Singla said that 7 days police remand of these two soldiers is going on from the court. He is being questioned in this regard. Forensic examination of mobiles is being done.

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