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  • Epidemic declared, treatment of black fungus now in Jharkhand itself, team of doctors in RIMS did two and a half hour patient surgery
  • Removed left eye, nose bone and upper jaw of female patient

Despite being declared a black fungus (Mucermycosis) epidemic in Jharkhand, RIMS on Thursday performed the first successful operation after the High Court rebuked the woman who had refused to operate. The operation of Giridih patient Usha Devi was done by a team of doctors from 7 departments of RIMS. The surgery lasted two and a half hours.

The fungus had spread to the patient’s left eye, nasal bone and upper jaw of the mouth, due to which all these organs had to be removed. Usha Devi is currently kept in the ICU of the Super Specialty Wing. It is noteworthy that while hearing the petition of the family members of Usha Devi, the High Court had reprimanded the RIMS management and the government on Wednesday.

The question was raised whether people would have to sell their land for treatment. What is the government doing? After this, the director of RIMS and other administrative officials decided to operate the patient Usha Devi.

Doctor said: Fungus is not completely over yet, will keep it under observation for 15 days

According to doctors, the patient’s condition is better than before. The fungus has been removed, but it is not completely eradicated. Here, Usha Devi’s son Gaurav Gupta told that after 51 days due to a lot of pressure, the team of doctors operated on Thursday. There is a slight improvement in the mother’s condition. Doctors have told that he will be kept under observation in RIMS itself for 15 days. After that further counseling will be given.

Eye and jaw sent to microbiology lab for examination

The removed eye-jaw of Usha Devi has been sent to the Department of Microbiology for examination. There it will be ascertained what was the state of infection and how much was the risk of increasing the infection.

Plastic surgeon said – after 3 weeks the fungus will be examined again

Plastic surgeon Dr. Vikrant Ranjan said that after three weeks there will be a re-examination. If the infection is over, plastic surgery will be done and the flesh of the other part of the body will be applied in the skin and cheeks.

Hope is there… operation of 6 patients is necessary in RIMS

The first operation of black fungus in RIMS has raised hope for other suffering patients. There are more than 6 black fungus patients currently admitted in RIMS, who need operation. In the operation of these patients, for many days, the management is adopting a procrastinating attitude. So far, only the sinus has been removed from the nose of some patients.

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