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  • Children will be admitted in five ICUs, there is also facility of centralized oxygen

In the second wave of Corona, most of the problems in the hospitals brought the ICU to the hospitals. Barring IGMC, none of the hospitals had ICU beds. Wherever they were, there was not enough facility for the patients. Due to this deficiency many patients also died.

Now the third wave of Corona is being said to be more deadly. According to the doctors, it will affect the children more. Now the DDU administration has already made preparations to deal with this. Here five new ICUs will be prepared for children in the children’s ward.

In this, the children who are serious during Kareena will be kept here. For this, the administration has written a letter to the government for approval. As soon as the approval is received, five new ICU beds will be prepared here. However, there are many items available for making beds here. If there are no goods, orders have been placed by the administration for the essential items used in the ward of the Pediatrics Department.

ICU was not here even in the second wave

Ripon Hospital was made a Covid hospital in the first and second wave of Karena. In the first wave, 92 beds were installed here while in the second wave 140 beds were installed. But ICU beds were not installed here. Here, when the health of the admitted patients deteriorated, they were referred to IGMC.

Although there were ventilators here, but beds were not installed in spite of that, in such a situation, there were a lot of problems for the patients here because only 37 ICU beds were installed in IGMC for Karena patients, which were reduced.

Third wave can be fatal for children

The third wave of Corona can show its effect on children in the coming times. Experts are already claiming that this wave can be fatal on children. Because in the first wave the elderly were affected a lot, while in the second wave people between 20 and 49 years were more affected. Now the third wave can show its effect on the children. It is a matter of concern for the officials of the Health Department. In such a situation, the department has become alert from now on.

ICU is necessary

ICU is a special ward, where seriously ill people are treated. The number of patients in ICU is less and the number of medical staff is more so that adequate care can be taken for each patient when needed. The ICU is equipped with equipment for intensive monitoring of the patient. There are many essential equipments including oxygen cylinders, ventilators in the ICU.

When a patient’s condition becomes critical during Kareena, he has to be admitted to the ICU. The ventilator is used in this so that the patient’s breathing continues. In this, oxygen is given with light pressure through a mask. Patients are also kept in ICU for their recovery after serious surgery.

no shortage of staff

theAdequate staff is available in the Department of Pediatrics to make ICU in DDU Hospital. Apart from this, the availability of oxygen in the ward is also being ensured. The oxygen plant in the hospital produces more oxygen daily than it needs.

Due to this there will be no shortage of oxygen in the coming time also. Apart from this, centralized supply of oxygen is available in the children’s ward of the hospital, so the oxygen cylinder will not reduce the availability of oxygen in the ward. Central supply facility is available at each bed of this ward.

Five new ICUs will be built in the children’s ward of the hospital. Written for approval from Govt. Luggage is also available in the hospital. As soon as the approval is received, ICUs will be prepared here. With this, if the third wave of Corona comes and affects the children, then the preparations for the administration will be in advance.Dr. Ravindra Mokta, Senior Medical Superintendent Ripon

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