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  • Students Can Get Hostel As Soon As The Session Starts In HPU, After August 7, There Will Be Pressure To Get The Result Soon

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  • Hostels are currently kept vacant, research scholars are also not allowed to stay here.

Hostels can be allotted as soon as the session starts in Himachal Pradesh University. In such a situation, those students will get the most benefit from it, who go to the library to prepare for the competitive examinations. Entrance tests can be held after August 7. This time also the examinations for admission to PG will be conducted in the morning and evening sessions only. Carrying of mobile phones has also been banned. UGC orders that a committee constituted by the college to prevent copying in examinations will give every report from time to time to the concerned university and UGC so that the girl students can be prevented from copying.

There will be pressure on the college administration and university administration to conduct examinations this time. Because, if the results of the entrance test are not released on time, then there may be problem in admission and starting a new session. The hostels of HPU and all the colleges of Shimla city have been kept vacant for the time being. Research scholars are also not allowed to stay here anymore. About 8500 students in colleges and 1647 students in HPU live in hostels. HPU VC Professor Sikander Kumar says that hostels will be allotted in the coming days as per the rules of UGC.

HPU has total 15 hostels: Himachal Pradesh University has total 15 hostels. There are hostels for 4 boys and 11 for girls. A total of 1647 students can stay in these. These hostels have accommodation facilities for 1058 girls and 589 boys. While its allotment is being delayed. At the same time, the administration says that hostels will be given to all the students. All the eligible students will be allotted hostels.

Students of remote areas upset due to non-availability of hostels: The biggest problem in the Corona crisis is being faced by the students of remote areas. Talking about HPU, the hostel cost for a year here is only Rs 7000. Whereas if a single room is to be taken in Shimla, then five thousand rupees have to be paid per month. If a student is coming from Kinnair to Shimla to study, then he has to pay one lakh rupees for the rented room for the year. In such a situation, if he gets a hostel, he will not have any problem.

How many hostels in which district

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh University including RKMV, Sanjaili, Rampur and Saraswati Nagar have hostels in Savda. About 2500 students live in these hostels. Students from Lahail Spiti, Chamba and Kinnair regions come here to study.

Salon: There are about 10 colleges here. Three colleges have hostel facility. About 180 students live in hostels in Nalagarh, Arki.

Market: There are 17 colleges. Sarkaghat, Basa and Mandi Vallabh Colleges have hostel facility. The hostel has a capacity to accommodate around 350 students.

Kangra: There are about 28 colleges in this district. There are eight colleges where hostel facility is available to the students. Around 400 students live in the hostel.

Bilaspur, Sirmair, Hamirpur: There are 3, 14 and 6 colleges respectively. It has the capacity to stay in the hostel for about 250 students.

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