Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting on July 9, 2021 to review the progress of augmentation and availability of oxygen across the country.

The Prime Minister informed during the meeting that over 1,500 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plants are coming up across the nation. The PSA Oxygen plants have been contributed by PM CARES.

PM Modi stated that the oxygen produced by these PSA Oxygen plants will support more than 4 lakh oxygenated beds. He directed the officials to ensure that the oxygen plants are made functional at the earliest.

Training of Hospital Staff

• The Prime Minister further urged the officials in charge to ensure adequate training of hospital staff for operation and maintenance of oxygen plants. 

• A training module to operate and maintain the oxygen plants has been prepared by experts and the key aim is to train around 8,000 people across the country to get manpower ready for immediate response if and when the need arises. 

• The Prime Minister also informed that advanced technology like IoT will be deployed to track the performance and functioning of the oxygen plants at the local and national level.

• A pilot exercise is being conducted using IoT for monitoring the performance of the oxygen plants.


The high-level meeting assumes significance with a probable third wave of coronavirus expected to hit India in August, with a peak in September. The central government has been taking measures in coordination with states to boost the production and supply of oxygen to avert any future oxygen shortage like the severe oxygen crisis that had gripped the nation during the peak of the deadly second COVID-19 wave in April-May.

While there is a difference in opinion about the timing and severity of the third wave of COVID-19, experts predict that it is almost certain to hit India. 

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