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On July 3, Deva, a resident of Tej Singh, presented a report in Mohangarh and said that on July 1, at around 7 pm, after completing his work from his brick kiln, he was going to pick up the goods from the general store located in Lime ki Dhani, then I had Talab Khan son Maluk Khan resident Dhanuwa. When the phone rang, he told his location.

After this, people who came riding on 4-5 bikes kidnapped him and took him to Suleman Pir Dargah. Where he demanded to give Rs every week for running brick machine. On his refusal, started beating. 8 people attacked him with a deadly attack on his left hand with iron rods and sticks. Due to which he fell unconscious and started beating with kicks and punches and 3 thousand 100 rupees kept in my pocket were snatched. On which the investigation was started after registering a report in the Sadar police station.

In view of the seriousness of the case, as per the instructions of Superintendent of Police Dr. Ajay Singh, under the supervision of Deputy Shyamsunder Singh, Assistant Sub-Inspector Khushalchand, Assistant Sub-Inspector Madho Singh, Head Constable Ganga Singh, Constable Janmet, Premdan, Kanaram, Bhanwarram and Driver Constable Lun Singh under the supervision of Sub-Inspector of Sadar Police Station, Jagdish Prasad. The three accused, Talab Khan son Malook Khan, Lune Khan son Haji Aloo Khan, Urse Khan alias Samsu Khan son Pathan Khan resident Dhanuwa were arrested on Tuesday and the motorcycles used in the incident were stolen from the pocket of Mustagis. Investigation is being done regarding Rs.

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