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  • When asked to remove the lorry, he was slapped

In the case of slapping a policeman, beating a woman policeman and tearing her clothes, the traffic police registered a case at the Rander police station and arrested two women. According to police sources, traffic police was deployed in Rander Palanpur Patiya Sanskar Bharti School after there was traffic problem due to vegetables. LR Sanjay Kanotra was on duty with the traffic lady policeman. On July 8, at 12 noon, two women were selling vegetables on the road.

The traffic police asked the woman to leave from there. On this, both the women slapped the policeman, beat up the women’s brigade and tore his clothes. In this case, the traffic police registered a case against both the women at the Rander police station. Police have registered a case and started further investigation by arresting both the women Jayshree Manish Patel and Meenaben Jayanti Patel.

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