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  • For 40 km patrol, now instead of one, only half a liter of petrol in the bike of Tiger jawans

Crime has increased in the city. There has been an increase in the incidents of extortion threats, broad daylight killings and bike theft from in front of the house. Now be aware of the helplessness of the police. Those on whose shoulders the responsibility of preventing crime and catching criminals are falling short of petrol-diesel to reach you. The department has reduced fuel for patrolling and patrolling tiger jawans.

Earlier, Tiger jawans used to get one liter of petrol in a shift for 40 km patrol. Now half a liter of petrol is being provided to them. At the same time, the patrol team used to get 225 liters of oil per month, but it has been reduced to 175 liters by cutting 50 liters. On every information that comes in the police stations, the police have to move. Day and night patrolling from the main road to the streets is also an important part of policing, but at present there is a system of fuel, it is affecting the policing. The feeling of police presence in the city has diminished.

Police was not seen patrolling in the night for 3 hours

Bhaskar team took stock of the city late on Wednesday night. After taking stock of Sadar, Saraidhela and Bank Med police station area from 11 to 2 pm, the presence of police on the roads was less. Two bikes of Tiger Jawan were parked in the city centre. In Dhaiya Ranibandh, two tiger jawans were found sitting in the petrol pump.

The Mamko Maid checkpost was deserted. Police did not appear on Diamond Road. A patrol party was found standing on the side of the road near the Bhuiphed temple. The presence of a jawan was seen at the Galle Building checkpost. Police did not appear in Steelgate. Patrol team found at Station Road. Four bikes of the jawans were parked on the bank road Birsa Chowk. The alertness of the police was seen at the Matkuria checkpost.

Patrol 40 km, only 25 km possible in half liter
A bike that runs 50 km in one liter of petrol is getting only half a liter of petrol to run 40 km. At the same time, the movement of tiger jawans is monitored online with a GPS tracker. The soldiers should not stay anywhere for more than 20 minutes. The bike also has to be driven slowly.

There is an issue of oil, efforts will be made to end it soon
Tiger jawans have been deployed in the city to protect the streets. There will be an inquiry into the non-movement of the soldiers. Petrel has some issues. Efforts are being made to remove him. Manej Swargiyari, ASP cum Nodal Officer of Tiger Jawans

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