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  • Farmers Surrounded Powercom Office In Jalandhar, 8 Hours Of Uninterrupted Power Was Not Available For Sowing Paddy, Officers Closed The Main Gate And Imposed Police

JalandharOne hour ago

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Farmers sitting at the main gate of Powercom headquarters in Jalandhar and the police stationed there.

Farmers have also been furious in the outcry over power cuts in Punjab. According to the announcement of Captain Government for sowing of paddy, there is no uninterrupted power supply for 8 hours. In view of this, the Kisan-Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee has staged a dharna outside Powercom’s Jalandhar headquarters ‘Shakti Sadan’. Langar has also been started there. As soon as the farmers came to know about the arrival of the farmers, heavy police force has been deployed there. At the same time, senior police officers have also reached. Powercom officers have closed the main gate and police have been deployed there. Due to which the atmosphere is tense.

Punjab government itself had promised, now cuts are being made

Salwinder Singh Janian, head of the Kisan-Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, said that the Punjab government itself had made a promise, but despite that the farmers were not being given electricity. He said that until the Chief Engineer of Powercom comes and gives assurance to the farmers, their protest will continue. He said that farmers would need electricity for sowing of paddy. Government and Powercom officials knew about this, yet no arrangement was made for it. Farmers are already upset and now the problem is increasing due to non-availability of electricity.

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