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  • Jharkhand Will Get Instructions From PM Care Fund To Install Oxygen Concentrator In CHC And PHC, Training Will Be Given To People At Block Level

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Before the possible third wave of Corona, both the central and state government have started strengthening their preparations. The condition of the second wave should not happen in the third. In the third, efforts are being made continuously in this direction to trouble the least people. Now in view of the need of medical infrastructure in rural areas, the central government will give oxygen concentrator to Jharkhand from PM Care Fund.

In the information sent by the Central Government, it has been told that 1 lakh oxygen concentrators have been purchased for various states from the PM Care Fund. Out of these, the information about how much Jharkhand will get has not been given. But it has been clearly stated that it will be used in remote countryside, hilly or tribal areas.

Preparation for installation in CHC and PHC
On behalf of the Jharkhand government, preparations are being made to install these concentrates in 188 community health centers of the state. Apart from this, some Primary Health Centers (PHCs) have also been identified for this. Wherever these concentrators are to be used, it has been directed to provide 24 hours uninterrupted power supply. The Health Department is also preparing for this.

Training will be given at the block level from the state
For its better distribution and use, different nodal officers have been nominated at five levels. At the state level, Dr. Rakesh Dayal has been made the nodal officer for the entire state. Now everyone will be trained. For this, first the officials of the central state and then the state officials will give information related to its use to the health workers at the block level.

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