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State BJP President Adesh Gupta

State BJP has demanded the CBC to investigate the scams happening in Delhi Jal Board. State BJP President Adesh Gupta today held a press conference with State BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana and members of the Jal Board, terming the Delhi Jal Board as the most corrupt department of the Delhi government.

He said that after canceling the existing tender in Jal Board and then accepting the same tender, the officers and leaders of Jal Board are cutting silver. Adesh Gupta said that the BJP will meet the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Anil Baijal and demand a CBC probe into the ongoing scam in the Jal Board and will also take up the matter in the Legislative Assembly in the monsoon session.

Gupta said that the tender for the proposed water treatment plant in Dwarka was canceled in the board meeting held in July last year. Later the work order was given to the same tender in July 2021. No reasons were given while rejecting or re-accepting this tender by the Jal Board for setting up a proposed water treatment plant at Dwarka worth Rs 280 crore.

BJP members had also objected to this. He said that ever since Satyendra Jain has become the chairman of Jal Board, it is happening that first tender is canceled and then as soon as the ‘transaction’ is completed, the same tender is accepted and work order is issued.

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