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On one hand, the course of the students of Semester-2 of M.Com has not been completed. On the other hand, the university has issued the circular for the examination from August 23. Because of this, the students are upset. During the Senate meeting on Saturday, students of different colleges have applied to the university and demanded cancellation of the examination. Along with this, an appeal has been made to issue a new date.

Students say that their semester-1 examination has been completed on July 2. At the same time, for semester-2, 50 percent course is left in the subject of economics and management of accounts in M.Com. If the examination is taken from August 23, the students will suffer a lot. However, efforts are constantly being made by the colleges to complete the course. Despite this, there are doubts about the completion of the course. Students say that they should be given time for studies.

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