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The people of Naya village arrived to complain to the municipal authorities.

Amidst the scorching heat, 45 families in Mohali’s Naya village are getting desperate for every drop of water due to the domination of a pump operator. Due to non-availability of water supply, these families have to buy expensive water from the market. Even after complaining about this serious problem of water, the authorities are not taking any action against the pump operator.

Members of the victim’s family residing in Singhadevi in ​​Nayagaon told that we all had applied for water connections in 2018. The department refused to give connections to the people saying that the water line could not be laid till their street. After which the residents of the street themselves donated and got water lines laid.

After which they started getting water, but for the last few days, the pump operator, who has been maintaining the water supply, is shutting down the water supply in their line. On an average, only one or two days in a week are getting smooth supply of water. People told that in this scorching heat, the problem of water has made their life difficult.

officers not listening

Among those who complained, Ramdayal, Manoj Kumar, Uma Shankar, Prakash Kumar said that the operator’s bullying has been complained to the authorities many times, but no action has been taken against him so far. He warned that if he is not heard in this matter soon, he will be forced to take to the streets.

“Due to the large area, the water supply is given according to the area after a gap of one day. There has been a complaint. I had also sent the pump operator in the morning to know the situation there. The problem of these people was very soon. Will be cleared soon. Though the allegations leveled by him are baseless. There is no such thing as he has been talking for as long as he does not know the water.”

– Sanjay Kumar, Departmental JE Water Supply

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