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  • There Is A Gap Of Up To 1690 MW In The Demand And Supply Of Electricity In The State, The Problem Of Less Water In Bhakra Pong, Rain Can Bring Relief In The Next Two Days.

Jalandhar16 minutes ago

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  • 14,500 MW power demand in Punjab, only 12,810 MW available
  • 57 feet less water in Bhakra Dam than last year and 54 feet less in Pong Dam

Along with the people of Punjab facing power crisis, all the hopes of PowerCom are also pinned on the monsoon. At present 12 districts of the state are in the red zone due to lack of rain despite the arrival of monsoon. However, the latest forecast of the Meteorological Department gives some relief, according to which there may be good rains in Punjab in the next few days. The power demand in Punjab has reached 14,500 MW due to the sluggish and paddy season of monsoon.

At the same time, PowerCom is able to manage only 12,810 MW power despite putting in full force. The crisis is exacerbated by the huge gap of 1,690 MW between demand and supply. Such a power crisis has arisen in Punjab after many years. Not getting adequate supply from Talwandi Sabo and Ropar thermal plants is adding to the problem. In such a situation, questions have also been raised on the government’s decision to close the Bathinda thermal plant. On the other hand, farmers are protesting on the streets demanding 8 hours of uninterrupted power supply to save their paddy crop.

AC closed in the cut-offices on the industry, still the crisis

To deal with the situation, the state government has imposed a power cut of 4 days on the industries of Jalandhar-Ludhiana and many other cities. Apart from changing the timings of government offices, the use of air conditioner (AC) has been stopped there. Despite this, the crisis does not seem to be over.

Water less in Bhakra-Pong Dam, effect on supply of 194 lakh units of electricity

A major part of the electricity supplied in Punjab comes from hydel projects, but due to less water in Bhakra, Pong and Ranjit Sagar dams than last year, even hydel projects are not able to generate electricity at full capacity. According to the data, the water level in Bhakra Dam was 1,581.50 feet in the first week of July last year, while this time it is 1,524.60 feet, i.e. 57 feet less than last year. Similarly, in the first week of July last year in Pong Dam, the water level was 1,335 feet but this year it has come down to 1,281 feet, which is 54 feet less than last year. Due to less water in the dams, the supply of 194 lakh units of electricity to Punjab has been affected from here. Due to the falling water level and lack of rain, both these dams are facing problems in releasing the entire water for irrigation.

Powercom CMD’s letter to BBMB President

Powercom’s CMD A. Venuprasad has sent a letter to Sanjay Srivastava, President of Bhakra-Beas Management Board (BBMB), requesting to increase power generation in hydel projects to provide 8 hours uninterrupted power supply to farmers and to save domestic consumers from power cuts.

The crisis will go away only if it rains

If the officials of Powercom are to be believed, at present only rain can solve the current power crisis. According to officials, if it rains, due to the fall in the temperature, AC etc. will run less in the houses, which will reduce the domestic demand. At the same time, after the paddy crop gets water, the demand from the agriculture sector will also reduce. Due to water coming in the dams also, power generation in hydel projects will increase. At present, power generation is being affected due to lack of water in Bhakra Dam.

Meteorological Department’s forecast: Rain between July 10 and 12

According to the Meteorological Department, moist winds from the Bay of Bengal will reach the northern part of the country covering Punjab and North Haryana by July 10. Due to this, good rains can occur in Punjab, Haryana, UP, West Rajasthan and Delhi between July 10 and 12. Many parts of Punjab including Jalandhar are expected to receive rain from the night of July 9. Heavy rain is forecast on July 11 and 12. According to the Meteorological Department, if all goes well, by July 16, 50 to 70 mm of rain is expected in the entire Punjab. Overall, troubled by this crisis deepening in the election year, the state government is expected to save its political land from the rain, the same farmers also know that if there is good rain in a week, then perhaps their paddy crop will be saved.

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