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Rain in Jalandhar.

Relief has started raining for the people troubled by the scorching heat and power cuts. It has started raining in Jalandhar on Saturday afternoon. However, strong winds are also blowing during this time. The rain has brought down the temperature by 7 degrees. By morning the maximum temperature has come down from 43 degrees to 36 degrees. If the rain continues, it may decrease further. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of similar rain for the next one week. The Meteorological Department had also predicted the onset of monsoon between July 10 and 12. After which the weather took a turn and it started raining.

Farmers happy, powercom also got relief due to low demand

The farmers are also looking happy due to the rain. Water was desperately needed for sowing paddy. For this 8 hours electricity was being sought. Although it has rained now, their water needs will be met to a great extent by rain water. They will not have to depend on electricity to run tube wells. At the same time, Powercom has also got relief because now the demand for electricity will come down. Lower temperatures will reduce the demand pressure, and especially in the agriculture sector, there will be a big drop in demand.

Industry will also get relief

In view of the power crisis in Punjab, the Captain Government imposed a cut of 4 days on the industry. Industrialists had also demonstrated in Jalandhar regarding this. Now if the demand for electricity in agriculture and domestic sector will be less, then relief can be given by supplying the remaining power industry.

Full electricity will also be available from Bhakra and Pong Dam

At the same time, there will be a big relief from rain in power generation. Due to lack of rain, more than 50 feet of water had fallen in Bhakra and Pong Dam. Because of this, the production of electricity there was reduced. Punjab gets 194 lakh units of electricity from here. There are more than one crore electricity consumers in Punjab. In such a situation, if the rain continues continuously, then the production will increase due to full water coming in the dam and the common people will get the benefit.

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