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IGMC reached kits for investigation, children suffering from different diseases will be sampled

  • Will go for a thousand children

Before the third wave of Corona, the Pediatric Department of IGMC has started a survey on their antibodies. For this, special kits had reached IGMC. In these kits, where there are special equipment for taking samples of children, the form will be filled in the survey, that is also in it.

After the arrival of the kits, the department has started the survey. So far, antibody samples of 130 children have been taken. Every day, samples of eight to 10 different children are being taken. Random sampling of children suffering from different diseases is being done. After that these samples will be sent to the lab for examination.

Some samples will be tested in IGMC, while some samples will be sent to Delhi lab for testing, after that it will be known that how many children’s antibodies have been prepared. On the lines of Delhi AIIMS, this survey will be done by the Pediatric Department of IGMC, so that before the third wave, the children can be fully known. Along with the sampling of the children, the doctors of the department have continuously monitored the children so that the children can know how soon they are recovering from the disease.

Children up to 18 years of age will be surveyed

According to experts, the third wave can infect children the most. In such a situation, now this survey is being done on children in the age group of 18 years across the IGMC state. So far, samples of 130 children have been taken. Different samples of 1000 children will be taken in it.

The target is to complete the survey in about two months. In this, random sampling of children coming to IGMC is being done and who are underweight, have covid or have to be treated for any other disease, then Kovid antibody tests of such children are being done by the doctors of the hospital. . Later, on the basis of sampling, it will be known about the children whether antibodies are made in their body or not.

it will benefit

The biggest advantage of the antibody survey in children will be that the government and the department will also have the data that what percentage of children have antibodies. Apart from this, what percentage of children are there, who have been touched by the first or second wave of Karena. On the basis of this survey will be done.

Although 18 children were admitted to IGMC a few days ago, who were found to have MIPS disease, it was such children who had got corona but were not tested. Antibodies had formed in his body. After seeing this disease, now the administration has become more alert than before. In such a situation, the department has now been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting a survey on the children.

More than 60 children reaching Rajana for treatment

On an average, 60 to 70 children are reaching the OPD in IGMC every day for treatment. At the same time 8 to 10 children are admitted in the wards. In such a situation, this survey is being done on selected children only. However, before the survey, the management is also taking its approval from their parents.

Earlier such survey has been done in AIIMS. AIIMS conducted this survey on 700 children from four different cities, in which antibodies were found in 56 to 60 percent of the children. There were many children in this, who had got corona, but they had become healthy, while their testing could not be done.

Sampling of children is being done by the pediatric department in IGMC for antibody testing. So far, samples of 130 children have been taken. Special kits were ordered for its testing, which had arrived two weeks ago. After testing the sample, it will be known that what percentage of the child has antibodies. – Dr. Rahul Gupta, Administrative Officer, IGMC Shimla

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