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  • Sandeep, Who Has Done Engineering, After 39 Years, Alisha Patel Made Three Surgeries With 8 Lakh Rupees, The Collector Gave The Certificate Of Transwoman

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  • In 6 months, 80 eunuchs took certificates, this will make it easier to open bank accounts, make ration cards and passports

Sandeep remained a man for 39 years, but became a woman after undergoing surgery. At the age of 12, he started liking girly things. Suddenly pink color started liking dolls and dolls. It seemed to him that he was not a boy. Sandeep, who was going through a mental dilemma after completing his diploma in engineering, decided to become a woman. At the age of 39, Sandeep became Alisha Patel by spending 8 lakh rupees and getting three surgeries done. On Thursday, the collector has given her the recognition of transwoman by giving her a certificate.

I went through mental dilemma after diploma, now got a new identity, happy to get certificate: Alisha
After getting the certificate of transwoman, Alisha said that I am very happy to get recognition from the government. Now I can confidently reveal my identity to the people. I will work as a woman. Couldn’t do this before. I knew at the age of 12 that I was a woman. Children used to come to school wearing half pants, but I liked long skirts. Alisha Patel, the youngest of six sisters, said- My body language, interest and way of talking showed that I would become a woman. Today my dream came true.

Transgender needs encouragement for government jobs
In the year 2019, a law was made that after changing the gender, a new identity can be given. Sandeep applied to the government on the basis of documents including surgery to become Alisha. After verifying that she became a transwoman, the collectorate gave the certificate. Alisha told that the family was also fully supportive. He said that there is a need to encourage transgender community in government jobs.

Earlier medical certificate was needed, now affidavit is enough
In the last 6 months, 80 eunuchs took third gender certificate from the collectorate. With this certificate, it will be easy to open a bank account, get a passport and get government facilities. There are more than 400 eunuchs in the city. Social Welfare Officer Lalji Patel told that after the implementation of the law, medical was required to get the certificate. Now you can get the certificate only by giving an affidavit.

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