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  • IRSDC issues RFQ tender for Surat and Udhna Railway Station
  • 1185 crore to redevelop Surat railway station and 100 crores to redevelop Udhna

IRSDC (Indian Railway Station Development Corporation) has again floated RFQ (Request for Qualification) tender for redevelopment of Surat and Udhna railway station simultaneously. However, this project is not a MMTH (Multi Modal Transportation Hub) but a re-development plan.

Under this, Surat and Udhna railway stations will be redeveloped. These will be developed on the basis of the concept of Green Station. This redevelopment is to be done under PPP (Public Private Partnership). A total amount of 1285 crores has been fixed for this.

Out of this, Surat is to be redeveloped at a cost of Rs 1185 crore and Udhna at a cost of Rs 100 crore. The MMTH project to develop the railway station has been cancelled. After issuing tender 8 times, no one took interest.

Such is the re-development plan: the platform in front of the parcel office will be expanded

After the issue of RFQ, if everything goes as per the expectations, then the platform in front of the parcel office at Surat station will be extended. At present it is used only for loading or unloading parcels. This platform is to be made equal to platform no.1 i.e. 20 coaches.

This will be the seventh and eighth platform at Surat station. From here the trains of Surat-Jamnagar, Surat-Hapa, Surat-Mahua, Surat-Vadodara and Surat-Bharuch will be terminated. However, its decision will be taken once the plan of IRSDC is realized.

Apart from this, as per the re-development plan, at present the waiting area at Surat station is on the ground floor, from where passengers take tickets and board the train at platform one. IRSDC will make it elevated, so that the ticket window and waiting area will be elevated.

RFQ: Will invite applications from interested companies

Applications will be invited from interested companies in the process of RFQ issued by IRSDC for Surat and Udhna stations. If everything goes as per the expectations in the RFQ, IRSDC will go ahead with the process and issue an Expression of Interest (EoI). After completion of this process the tendering process will be started. Officials said that it has been resumed at the primary stage.

Users coming to the station will also have to pay user charges. Provision for user charges will also be made by IRSDC in station re-development. That is, those taking tickets at the station or coming to the platform will have to pay a user charge. However, the amount of user charge has not been confirmed yet.

Earlier there was MMTH scheme of 5000 crores. It is to be noted that earlier under the MMTH scheme an amount of Rs 5000 crore was fixed to make Surat station a hub. Even after issuing tender 8 times, neither company applied nor showed interest.

The contractor will take care of the buildings for 60 years

The IRSDC said that the companies taking the contract in the re-development will maintain the station building and the commercial buildings to be built here for 60 years. There will be no change in the design of the station.

However, under the MMTH scheme, the 32 storey building is now planned to be made 30 storey only. There are plans to redevelop the station on a green concept. Solar energy and water recycling system will be installed here so that water is not wasted.

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